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Wheel Jockey® Sport FAQs

Can I use it on my front wheel?
YES…all three Wheel Jockey models may be used on the front wheel
of most any bike. However it must be done carefully. It’s important
to keep the front fork against the left stop to prevent the wheel from
“flopping” back and forth while working on it—which it will do if
pointed straight ahead.

If the bike has no centerstand, we have found it best to pull the bike
backwards up onto the Wheel Jockey, keeping the solid “step”
pointed towards the front tire. If the bike has a center stand, it
can be placed behind the front wheel about 6-8 inches so that
when the bike is pulled up on the centerstand, the front wheel
lands on the Wheel Jockey in the same motion.

Will motorcycle cleaners cause harm to the Wheel jockey?
NO…the Wheel Jockey has a powder-coated finish and will withstand
most any cleaning agent. The bearings in the rollers are sealed and
should also not be affected by cleaners. If, for some reason, strong
solvents are used, it is possible that the rubber backing could come
loose. In the event that should happen, you may contact us for
a replacement.